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As a Financial Planner, CPA or other Professional Advisor, your clients are looking to you for at least 2 major things when it comes to wealth preservation:

    1)  Keep them safe from an ill-conceived plan that doesn’t fit in with their current strategy, or worse, works against it.

    2)  Assist them find the right plan, right legal advice, and right strategy that protects their wealth.

The Asset Protection Council exists to support Attorneys, Financial Advisors, CPA’s and other Professional Advisors who wish to guide their clients towards effective Asset Protection solutions, as well as grow their own practice around Asset Protection.

The Asset Protection Council ™ is designed to give you tools and information needed to educate your clients in this complex area of law.

Membership in the APC provides you with the resources you need to advise clients on Asset Protection. It is also gives you access to a national network of Attorneys that can support your clients in implementing an effective and ethical plan that works while respecting the planning and advice you are providing.

The application process is inclusive and allows access to Attorney Affiliates and Advisor Members with a sincere desire to utilize the benefits of the Council productively. The APC seeks qualified members that meet the Professional and Ethical requirements of their profession. Experience in Asset Protection is not necessary.

Please visit the Asset Protection Council website at or contact Kitty Lucarini directly at (800) 231-7112 if you have further questions or would like to discuss this program.