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The LLC is a fantastic legal tool for integrating assets and businesses into a full estate and asset protection plan. The small Caribbean Island of Nevis, which is part of Nevis-St. Kitts was one of the first countries to follow the Cook Islands in enacting strong asset protection statutes allowing for an Asset Protection Trust.

Building on the strength of their Trust Act, Nevis also enacted an LLC statute in 1995, and amended it again in 2015 to make it even stronger.

Like a traditional LLC, a Nevis LLC is a pass-through tax entity which is basically treated just like a normal U.S based LLC for tax purposes.

A Nevis LLC affords all the benefits of the best U.S. jurisdictions combined, with the added advantage that Nevis is an offshore asset protection jurisdiction which makes it very difficult for an assailant to successful win a judgement.

Learn about the concepts of a Trust, Irrevocability, Spendthrift Provisions and much more.

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