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We believe the legal system is broken.

Civil litigation has become an attractive source of profit, having surpassed over $300 Billion a year. Your wealth can be an easy target for frivolous lawsuits.

We make it difficult for predatory lawyers to target you.

We use legal asset protection tools and methods that have been tested for over 20 years. We protect your assets from attack, while still giving you full control and use of your assets.

Only one extra tax return, no gimmicks.

Our sophisticated asset protection solutions typically requires only one extra tax return on your part. Other companies may offer alternatives that become increasingly expensive and complicated over time.

An Experienced and Respected Asset Protection Law Firm

20 Years of Legal Experience in Asset Protection Law
Breakthrough Asset Protection Concepts
  • Creator of The Bridge Trust ® the most innovative tool to be developed since the inception of Asset Protection.
Extensive Network of Attorneys and Advisors
  • Our network of Affiliate Attorneys, Financial Advisors, and CPA’s are uniquely qualified to craft an asset protection strategy tailored to your specific needs.
Experienced, Attentive Client Services
  • We’ll patiently walk you through all of your concerns and questions and we’ll personally customize your asset protection strategy. We strive to maintain the best customer service, and highest client satisfaction.

Lodmell & Lodmell’s asset protection services begin with a no obligation, confidential review of your financial resources, including your risk level, assets classifications, and personal objectives.

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