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"Establishing an international protection trust in 2005 enabled me to continue in practice and, I believe, makes me less of a target for the legal extortion so well documented in Mr. Lodmell's "Shocking Truth" expose. It has been a great source of relief from worry to have this program in place to protect my practice and my family from the risk of losing our house and everything that we have worked for, and, it has made it possible for me to continue to provide high quality medical care to patients despite a medical system that is rapidly deteriorating.

Even if you can afford liability insurance, I highly recommend that all medical practitioners seriously evaluate their exposure to risk and consider the program offered by Lodmell and Lodmell. Thanks again, I am sure it would be hard to stay in practice without your program."

- Dr. L Euclid, Ohio

“The help that you have provided us with gives peace of mind in this litigious society. Thank you very much. We have consistently found L&L to be a first class law firm with a great deal of expertise in the matter of asset protection and do not hesitate to discuss our strategy with close friends and have recommended your services without reservation many times.”

- Dr. John, New York, NY

“Dear Douglas, I have appreciated the confidence and peace of mind that comes from your asset protection plan. That alone is worth more than you charge. There have been several times I have called you for your insight when my assets have been under fire, and I have received simple straight forward responses. This has allowed me the confidence to take certain positions should any of my challenges develop further. All this time, my plan is getting stronger with age-what a good feeling!”

- Gary Hill, Sterling Pacific Construction

“Dear Doug, The Asset Protection Program has provided great security for my dental business. Even though I've never been sued in this litigious society we live in, it's great to know my assets are safe.”

- Kelly Bridenstine, DDS, Perfect Smile Dental Care

“Douglass and Gary, I was one of your early clients. I have been with you since the 80's when I set up my FLP. Since then I have followed your advise and completely secured my family with the complete asset protection plan. You guys have been a solid source of council through these many years. I have contacted you many times for direction on various matters and you have always been there for me. After I knew that my plan was in place and protecting me, it gave me a huge sense of security knowing I could practice my profession free of fear from frivolous law suits. It is impossible to put a price on the peace of mind that comes with this level of protection.”

- Larry L. Woodruff, DMD, FAGD

“I am writing this to inform you of the impact that asset planning has made on my clients and their peace of mind. As an a financial advisor, my role is to inform people of the ways that their years of hard work is not only exposed to market risks, but also the devastating risks of lawsuits. After examining their situation(s) the decision to take action is only as good as the plan that makes it all work. With this being said, it is nice to have the right plan and people on our side”.

- Kevin Hawes, Lifestyle Senior Network

“I feel that as one's assets grow in size and sophistication so should one's supporting financial entities grow in sophistication, to match. I didn't want to carry my "college student" financial mentality over into my business life. Over the past 12 years Lodmell and Lodmell have helped me to grow with confidence, minimizing the sense of vulnerability that comes with wealth. Before my asset protection plan was in place I actually found myself envying the less-fortunate their carefree, happy-go-lucky frame of mind. I'm glad that I acted promptly, twelve years ago, so that I now have a seasoned asset-protection structure that allows me to feel at peace and enjoy what I have worked so hard for.”

- Dr. John Harris, D.C.

“Dear Doug, I appreciate having access to sound legal advice just a phone call away. Thank you.”

- Travis Sanchez, D.C.

“My neighbor got sued. He almost lost everything. Worse he paid over $50,000 in legal fees and time to defend against this frivolous lawsuit. And he's just a plumber!!! You and I have a lot more assets too lose. And don't think mal-practice insurance is enough to protect you today. The insurance company will find any excuse not to defend you - right or wrong. Once you get sued is too late for asset protection- your assets are fair game.

Asset protection is good enough for the Rockafellers,Gettys and Rothchilds then it's good enough for me. That's why I got the best asset protection from Lodmell and Lodmell over 10 years ago. I sleep worry-free at night knowing that NO TWO BIT SHYSTER ever is going to get at my assets.

Let me tell you about Lodmell and Lodmell. Doug and Gary the senior partners are both great with high integrity. One or both of them are always there to answer your questions and make sure that your assets are properly protected. The firm has wonderful customer service.

My suggestion is if you don't have asset protection--get it right away. Call Doug or Gary Lodmell - they'll help you protect your assets.”

- Dr. Paul Anderson MD, CEO for Dr. Pauls Naturals

“Doug, I absolutely, positively, 100% sleep better knowing I have a full 9 years of protection in place. When I read your email about plans that had been in place for 8 plus years were nearly impenetrable, I actually was able to relax even more. You always answer my questions promptly and with care. Your annual maintenance fee is a fee I hardly notice as the continued security is worth far more. I can’t put a dollar value on our plan but I know it has contributed to our dental clinic producing and collecting with some of the top clinics in the country. Run, don’t walk, to Doug to let him set you up with a hugely powerful tool to insulate you and your family.”

- Forever grateful, Lisa Friberg, Bradley Oliver and family, All About Smiles

“There is no other asset protection firm I would recommend other than Lodmell and Lodmell. If you are relying on your local attorney to take great care of you best of's like sending a molar root canal to an oral surgeon.”

- Dr. Woody Oakes, Excellence in Dentistry, Inc. "The Profitable Dentist"

“Doug, I can not begin to thank you and your entire firm for setting my Asset Protection Plans up when I was young in practice! I sensed the freedom to practice on MY own terms over 15 years ago! Now, as a management consultant, I can not believe anyone would practice without it, and strongly recommend your service to our clients, without hesitation.”

- John Hayes, Jr., President Perfect Practice Web

“As an attorney, Doug and his firm have brought more value to our consulting clients than anyone we have ever worked with. He's one of the few people I trust unquestionably. He has always come through for me and my clients. I would give Doug my highest recommendation.”

- Greg Stanley, Founder Whitehall Management

“Once I reached $30 million in sales it seemed like I became a target for the ambulance chasing lawyers. Now, with my asset protection plan in place I can sleep at night knowing I’m protected.”

- Stephen Snyder, Jackson Hole, Wyoming

"Lodmell and Lodmell is the most qualified, experienced law firm to handle all your asset protection needs. Doug has built a reputation on protecting the assets of professionals with a solid, secure plan. Protect your practice, Protect your family! No one is better qualified to help you navigate your future than my friend Douglass Lodmell."

- Vincent J. Monticciolo, DDS, MBA
Founder, Dentistry from the Heart
Dental Director, Dental Justice

"As a Real Estate Investor and businessman with significant exposure, I can tell you that it is a wonderful feeling to know that if one of my projects turns sour the rest of my assets are safe under the Lodmell & Lodmell asset protection plan. "

- Michael McGibben, Profit Force Financial

DISCLAIMER: While the testimonial states results obtained by a client, each case is different and not every client will obtain the same or similar results.

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