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Why Asset Protection Works

Asset Protection works by removing the economic incentive for a person, and that person’s attorney to pursue you in a court of law. The best way to protect your assets is to take legal steps to make you unattractive to potential predators.

Since 1997, Lodmell & Lodmell has helped to protect and preserve the assets and wealth of thousands of clients nationwide.

5 Reasons Why the Bridge Trust® is Better than a Foreign Asset Protection Trust

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When the fear of indiscriminate ruin is alleviated, our clients are more productive, happier and more satisfied with their business and professional relationships.

“The Key Concepts of Asset Protection” is a 15-part video series designed to help you understand what asset protection tools are available to you. Learn about the concepts of a Trust, Irrevocability, Spendthrift Provisions and much more in this professional series designed to help you understand what things you need to consider when making a choice.

What Our Clients Are Saying

"Establishing an international protection trust in 2005 enabled me to continue in practice and, I believe, makes me less of a target for the legal extortion so well documented in Mr. Lodmell's "Shocking Truth" expose. It has been a great source of relief from worry to have this program in place to protect my practice and my family from the risk of losing our house and everything that we have worked for, and, it has made it possible for me…

“The help that you have provided us with gives peace of mind in this litigious society. Thank you very much. We have consistently found L&L to be a first class law firm with a great deal of expertise in the matter of asset protection and do not hesitate to discuss our strategy with close friends and have recommended your services without reservation many times.” - Dr. John, New York, NY

“Dear Douglas, I have appreciated the confidence and peace of mind that comes from your asset protection plan. That alone is worth more than you charge. There have been several times I have called you for your insight when my assets have been under fire, and I have received simple straight forward responses. This has allowed me the confidence to take certain positions should any of my challenges develop further. All this time, my plan is getting stronger with age-what…

DISCLAIMER: While the testimonial states results obtained by a client, each case is different and not every client will obtain the same or similar results.