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Judicial Reform

Court reform is as important as tort reform in returning justice to America’s civil justice system.  Judges must remember that courts are places were injured people can be compensated for wrongs done to them— not where opportunists can strike it rich! Unless judges get back in the business of judging…

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Using The Bridge Trust® for Non U.S. Persons

Any gymnast will tell you that flexibility is the key to strength. The same holds true for legal planning. With its simple grantor trust status and pass-through taxation, as well as its initially domestic jurisdiction, the Bridge Trust® has proven to be an incredibly flexible tool for U.S. persons wishing…

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Legitimacy Undermined

The ultimate tragedy of the sense of “victimization” and “entitlement” that now permeates the American psyche is the worsening affect it is having on the diminution of the Rule of Law. Where once the public, the business world and the international community understood and trusted the American Rule of Law,…

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Lawsuit “Utopia”

No other legal system in the world functions remotely like the U.S. tort system. Unlike any other country in the world, America encourages lawsuits. The more the merrier, according to many modern-day American jurists. The intent, or so the rationalization goes, is to sue ourselves into a better world. We…

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The Legal Pitfalls of Choosing the Wrong Asset Protection Attorney

Tailoring asset protection plans to individual needs is a job that only a skilled and experienced asset protection attorney should attempt, if for no other reason than that the benefits of the strategies employed may be lost if they fail to comply with all applicable state, federal and international laws,…

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“The View From The Center”

Almost twenty years ago Lodmell & Lodmell began as a boutique law firm focusing exclusively on preserving private client wealth.  Today we are one of the leading firms in the world in a field that is literally exploding. With over 3,500 clients and protecting over $4 Billion in client assets,…

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How To Select An Asset Protection Lawyer

The rapid increase in the Asset Protection planning field is primarily a result of the large number of people who have finally realized that their wealth is more finite and fragile than they ever imagined.  This has become more evident as the boom in litigation has continued unheeded for over…

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The worst mistake when creating an asset protection plan is to mix safe and risky assets. For example, if we were to create an LLC we wouldn’t put your rental real estate property in there with a bunch of cash. If something happens to the real estate and the LLC…

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