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Offshore Protection with Domestic Simplicity

The Bridge Trust® combines the strength of an offshore asset protection trust, without the cost, complexity and compliance requirements. The Bridge Trust is registered offshore but is domesticated for tax and administrative purposes.

Clients want the strongest possible protection for their assets if they are ever threatened. They also want simple maintenance, minimal costs, and absolute control of their assets.

Unique benefits of The Bridge Trust® include:

  • Asset can remain in the US with Current Bank
  • Client May be the Trustee
  • No IRS filing requirements of any kind
  • No IRS Form 3520 or 3520A
  • No IRS FinCEN or FATCA Disclosures
  • No Requirement of a Foreign Trustee

If a legal crisis occurs, the Trust and accompanying assets “cross the bridge” to the world’s oldest and most tested offshore jurisdiction – The Cook Islands.

Absent a threatening legal crisis, the client maintains direct control as trustee.

The Bridge Trust® was pioneered by Lodmell & Lodmell, nearly 20 years ago and has been in use ever since.

A properly drafted Bridge Trust® is extremely strong. Combined with the correct integration with the Asset Management Limited Partnership and Limited Liability Company, the Bridge Trust® is our choice.

5 Reasons Why the Bridge Trust® is Better than a Foreign Asset Protection Trust

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