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After publishing “The Lawsuit Lottery: The Hijacking of America” last fall, a media blitz hit Douglas Lodmell and hasn’t stopped yet. From such well known media outlets like Fox and Friends, MSNBC and Dayside, talk show hosts and radio disc jockeys around the nation are buzzing with interest in America’s broken legal system.

In discussing “The Lawsuit Lottery: The Hijacking of America” listeners heard Lodmell speak about the serious issues and ramifications of our ineffective and unjust legal system. The book itself gives insight into our costly tort system, showing us America’s legal crisis is no longer a concern solely for defense attorneys and victims.

With over twenty TV and radio appearances to date, Lodmell enlightened audiences around the nation. In addition to Fox and Friends, MSNBC and Dayside, Lodmell’s also appeared on a variety of stations from the large, cosmopolitan New York to the small town of Dunn, North Carolina.

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